Now a Veggie Lover!

I can't believe it! It's been 6 months now... If you knew me before you'll be happy to hear this good news - I'm now in love with veggies! Well, for sure my mom is slow clapping at the moment. LOL I still vividly remember how my father forces us (me and my second sister) … Continue reading Now a Veggie Lover!


New Role: Wife

I'm promoted! From a girlfriend to a wife now! First time to be a wife. There's no second time, anyway! As a member of the Church of Christ (Iglesia Ni Cristo), we have a high-respect on marriage just like how we treat our membership in the church. You face God and promised to be together … Continue reading New Role: Wife

Breakout Journey

Our face is totally our front page. And it's really annoying when there are bumps growing on it that make you look unpleasant. The most common frustration on our face is pimples, acne, scar, etc. I was once a victim of depression due to pimple breakouts. It's been months since I suffered from it, but this proved me … Continue reading Breakout Journey