Reminiscing every moment of it brings butterflies to my tummy. I don’t want to forget every single detail about it, so I put it into writing. Writing it down means I have a lifetime to remember one of the most special days of my life (just in case, I lost all my memory).

The Speechless Proposal (and the expected one).

June 27, 2017 – The expected one story is actually my fault. I accidentally saw his group chat on FB messenger where he plans the proposal with his friends. So I had the idea that it will happen after my sister’s wedding with the video greetings from my loved ones. I saw it a month before, so I tried to forget about it and erased it from my memory, but my mom spoiled about it prior to that day. Ugh! But I still acted as if I don’t know anything.

After the wedding of my sister, the song “A Thousand Years” played. I was standing that time and when I turn back, I saw Him walking towards me, looking so absolutely handsome (for my eyes) on his white polo while carrying a dozen of red roses. Followed by our common friends holding the following letters, M-A-R-R-Y-M-E. Though I have an idea, still it was a magical moment when He kneeled down and hand me over the engagement ring. He never said anything (that’s why I titled it speechless). He just stared at me and let me answer the line-up question. Of course, with all my cheerful heart, I said YES in front of the special people in my life. According to him, the planned proposal failed, the video that I supposed to watch was not available at that moment (for some epic reason). He felt so tensed that’s why he couldn’t find any words to say. Another failure is the size of the ring, it was too big! haha

Above all the flaws, it felt so surreal! I got my requested engagement ring – My birthstone, Ruby Red. Though it didn’t turn out the way I wanted to be, the most important part is, I’m engaged to the man I want to spend my life with. After that moment, I’m so excited to update my wedding file. Finally, I’m engaged! I have all the rights and/or reasons to prepare for my wedding. But then, when all I thought was wedding preparation, the husband-to-be secretly planned his second proposal as he really wanted to surprise me.

The Well-planned Proposal.

A big round of applause to my behalf for a surprise well-done!!! He really got me on this one!!!

July 8, 2017 – It happened right after our church activity in one of the favorite Filipino resto in Malaysia. The usual scene, picture-taking after the activity while some were singing on the stage. Bro. Ron sings “Basta’t Kasama Kita” and I’m so happy singing from afar with other brethren. Bro. Jvee kept on calling for picture taking at the banner. When I’m getting ready for picture taking, I’m wondering why they’re shouting and moving away from me, then I saw my very special man with a bouquet of beautiful flowers and my favorite Royce Chocolate Chips walking towards me. I can’t help but SMILEEEE, as in BIG SMILEEEEE! I thought it was just a flowers and chocolates for my birthday, but then he pulled out a ring from its heart-shaped box and asked me loud and clear, “Will you marry me?”! Of course, without further ado, I said YES (in a super-kilig tone). When I hugged him tightly, he told me the sweetest words I always want to hear.

After that moment, I was like in heaven! I can’t believe that I’m wearing two rings that symbolize his willingness to be my future husband (though those two rings don’t suit me yet haha).

July 13, 2017 – My kring-kring (names of my 2 engagement rings) perfectly fits me now. It has some power to brighten up my day whenever I look at them on my ring finger. Indeed, I’m engaged! Totally! And now, enjoying every bit of my wedding preparation. ❤️





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