Keep Going

Keep going. Whatever you are facing right now, remember that you’re just passing by. You can pause for a while, but don’t ever stop. Keep going.

So far, this is the worst nightmare of my life. I hate how this situation affects me – my mood, my self-confidence, my self-trust and my life as a whole.

I guess you also experience this perhaps in your younger years, but if not, lucky you! The moment I’ve been in this dilemma. I tend to look at the brighter side, I learn a lot from my own mistake and I can say that I’m stronger now especially in facing my fears. Thanks to my ever-supportive-boyfriend who always on the go to turn my gloomiest day into paradise. I appreciate how he handles me when I’m self-pitying. I’m so blessed to have Him in my life. Every day, he proves how much he loves me.

It’s been a month since I suffered in this kind of situation and the only thing I can do now is to ACCEPT the fact that “Hey, Kate! It’s really happening”. Oh well, accept the reality but keeping the positive thoughts that it will soon be gone as long as I’m doing something to get rid of it. I know you’re still clueless of what kind of situation I’m stuck with, I will reveal (maybe) once I have all the courage to do it.

Aja, Kate!


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