Enigmatic Dream

We all have that certain dream full of mystery and difficult to understand. At some point, it makes the situation more complex or if you are into decision-making, it adds up to your consideration. You ought to ask yourself, what's that supposed to mean? Dreams according to Merriam-Webster dictionary, is a series of thoughts, visions, … Continue reading Enigmatic Dream


Diary of a Cheater

Most probably after reading the title, you have set an enraged mood on how a diary of cheater would be. Especially if you're a victim. I can't blame you. But, this is not all about the pro cheater character on TV. This is a cheater who wanted to free herself from the "torn between two … Continue reading Diary of a Cheater

Throwing a Surprise

Surprises when successfully done provides an extra special feeling to both organizer and the subject. Self-fulfillment to the Organizer while extreme happiness to the subject (or should I say Euphoria). Throwing a surprise is somehow hard to do, yet truly satisfying. Most especially when you are to devote it to someone you treasured in your life, like families, friends and … Continue reading Throwing a Surprise