Enigmatic Dream


We all have that certain dream full of mystery and difficult to understand. At some point, it makes the situation more complex or if you are into decision-making, it adds up to your consideration. You ought to ask yourself, what’s that supposed to mean?

Dreams according to Merriam-Webster dictionary, is a series of thoughts, visions, or feelings that happen during sleep. Those thoughts, visions or feelings are totally questionable. Questions like, is that something you have wanted very much to do, be, or have for a long time? The answer remains within you.

However, when we sleep, according to science, our brains are active throughout the night, actually most active as they are when we’re wide awake. Does it mean that, our dreams are made of thoughts that we wanted? or unwanted? Whatever it is, it’s truly has some space in our minds. (I don’t know about you, but for me, it gives a lot of confusion).

Do we need to take our dreams seriously? (I mean our dreams when we’re asleep) It’s all up to you. I guess the best way is to focus on reality, your existing life and when there’s something to learn in your dream, adapt it. Maybe, that dream just want you to realize some worthy things you might have taken for granted in reality.


Throwing a Surprise

Surprises when successfully done provides an extra special feeling to both organizer and the subject. Self-fulfillment to the Organizer while extreme happiness to the subject (or should I say Euphoria).

Throwing a surprise is somehow hard to do, yet truly satisfying. Most especially when you are to devote it to someone you treasured in your life, like families, friends and to whom your heartbeat beats differently. To see the subject’s “tears of joy” is a proof that you successfully served its purpose.  Surprises may and might be effective, so planning on it takes a deeper internalization to deliver perfect execution. Consider the following facts on planning your extraordinary surprise:

  • Be secretive. As much as possible, keep it to yourself and to the people you decided to involve with. You need to act normal, do your everyday routine and don’t ever give the subject a clue that you are into a surprise project .
  • Know the Subject. Touch your subject’s life by deeply grasping their wants and dreams. Then incorporate it in your plan. Like, when the subject’s favorite color is green, make it to a point to fill the place with green colors.
  • Involve the Subject’s Key People. Invite the subject’s family, relatives, and closest friends. It will be more dramatic when the subject surrounds with the person he/she loved the most. But, don’t ever forget to tell them that its a surprise, so they are not allowed to spill it out in any way (Tell them to #shutupkanalang).
  • Story line. Story line must be well plan and well known by the cast (I mean, the people you involved with) Story line provides the process on how the surprise will accordingly happen (the cast must be a good actor and actresses tho).
  • Primary needs. Place, food, music, and design must be prepared strategically and of course ahead of time. Always remember to have a personal touch in all the primary needs: the subject’s favorite place, food, music and as much as possible DIY the designs (include the subject’s photos).

Above all, it’s the thought that counts. The moment you think of throwing a surprise to your special someone is what makes it overwhelming. So, don’t ever feel disappointed when the surprise didn’t work out the way it planned to be. Because in reality, there’s no perfect moment, it’s the love and effort that makes it perfect.