About me? A million miles away from being normal, to sum up. Nah! I’m just like you. A person with interesting story, dreams, talents, skills and dark little secrets.

My whole life depends on God’s will.

Born and proud to be a member of the Church of Christ (Iglesia Ni Cristo)


10 Weird Facts About Kate Bright 

  1. I was a boy in my mom’s ultrasound 20+ years ago. In fact, I was supposed to be named Junmar (combination of Jun & Marieta) with a Jr.
  2. I love stalking beautiful girls on Social Media (Don’t judge me, I’m straight!). I remember when I was in high school, I cut pictures of pretty girls on a magazine and used it as a cover of my notebook. (Once again, I’m straight!)
  3. I feel like I want to puke when I sit down after meals. So, in order to avoid that, I stand for about 1-2 hrs every after meals (even on a fine dining)
  4. While everyone is so fascinated to dogs, still not one of them. I don’t know why, I just don’t like (oops! please don’t bash me. I’m not hurting them anyway) their smells, furs, and barks. Plus the fact that I’m afraid of them.
  5. When I walk alone, I’m talking to myself. But, of course, I stop when there are people on my way, I don’t want them to think that I’m crazy (though I really am LOL) Seriously, I’m doing that to keep myself entertained.
  6. I’m not good with directions, I find it complex looking at the map. Good thing, my special someone is really good at it.
  7. I tend to forget the words that I’m about to say (is that an illness?)
  8. I’m good at climbing mountains, but, going down is my biggest fear.
  9. I’m so impatient when it comes to using beauty products. I always want an instant effect that leads me in trying different products or natural remedies.
  10. I can’t cook. I tried, but I guess kitchen hates me.

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